August 15, 2018

I am a lighthouse

Episode 31 // The EmberMap Podcast

Sam and Ryan chat (on new mics!) about Ryan's recent video on declarative keyboard events, changes to EmberMap's FastBoot architecture, and some of Ryan's recent work on FastBoot testing.

How to listen

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Show notes


  • 0:00 – Ryan's video on declarative keyboard events; other declarative components that haven't been discovered
  • 9:52 – Our evolving FastBoot architecture; which parts can be generalized; a high Lighthouse score; a long uncanny valley
  • 29:11 – Sam's Mirage work, fixing bugs, approaching 1.0; Mirage as a tool to show off work; question for listeners, how do you show your work to your team?
  • 34:51 – Ryan's work on FastBoot testing; how Mirage could work with FastBoot testing; the joy of ES6 classes and async/await in Node


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