We wanted a fast, easy and beautiful way to share conventional Ember.js techniques with our team.

So we made EmberMap.

We love Ember

We’re strong believers in the power of conventions, and think a team that’s on board with the larger Ember community will be able to build products faster without accruing technical debt.

What we're making

We’re creating high-quality, focused videos and articles that teams can use to onboard new developers, refine their process, and serve as a springboard for discussion on how to solve unique problems facing their own organization.

Meet the team

Sam Selikoff

Sam is the creator of Ember CLI Mirage, a top Ember addon. He loves teaching and helping teams effectively use Ember.

Ryan Toronto

Since 2012 Ryan has shipped dozens of production Ember applications for both web and mobile devices, in addition to contributing code back to Ember.js.

Stay up to date

You can find us around the web working on open-source software like Ember CLI Mirage, posting videos on YouTube, and tweeting about new podcast episodes and series.