Ember Exam

Speed up your test suite with Ember Exam


Split command:

ember exam -s --split=4 --parallel

Random command:

ember exam -s --random


Ember Exam is an addon that helps you run your test suite. It speeds up your test runs, and also helps you find brittle order-dependent tests, the kind that sometimes pass and sometimes fail.

After installing the addon, you use it by replacing the ember test command with ember exam. Using ember exam lets you use all of the existing test flags, but gives you access to some new features.

The split command speeds up your test suite by letting you run multiple groups of tests in parallel. For example, this command effectively spins up four browsers that each run one fourth of your test suite. Teams using test splitting have seen their total test runtime fall by 50% or more!

The random command helps you find brittle tests by shifting the order in which your suite is run. It tags each ordering with a seed value, so if you find a problematic test run, you can reproduce it with ease.

If you're frustrated by a slow test suite or brittle, order-dependent tests, be sure to check out Ember Exam today.

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