Shallow array copies

Let's use a shallow copy of our array to track changes.


The @tracked decorator works by tracking reference changes. For example, if we reassign a tracked property from the string "hello" to "world", then Ember knows to re-render any templates using that property.

However, when we push items into a native JavaScript array we are not reassigning the array, instead we're mutating the array. Ember is unable to track the array change since no reassignment took place.

Creating a shallow copy of the array, and then reassigning our tracked property to that new array is a great way to let Ember know a change happened. This technique is commonly used in other JavaScript frameworks.

@action addListItem() {
  // create a shallow copy of this.items
  let itemsCopy = [...this.items];


  // reassign this.items
  this.items = itemsCopy;


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