July 31, 2019

You gotta feel the pain

Episode 69 // The EmberMap Podcast

Sam and Ryan talk about APIs that empower developers, even if it means giving them enough freedom to make mistakes. They also talk about building a component with dynamic children in both Ember and React.

How to listen

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Show notes

Topics include:

  • 5:26 – Bringing Mirage to a wider JavaScript audience
  • 17:14 – Setting up tests in Gatsby, and why wiring up boilerplate code is not always bad
  • 28:56 – React's children API, MDX, and template imports in Ember
  • 39:17 – How extracting things in React feels compared to extracting things in Ember
  • 42:30 – React's children, and constraints vs. flexibility
  • 1:05:52 – API design, and letting someone feel the pain rather than telling them they can't do something
  • 1:23:16 - Dynamic vs. static children



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