January 21, 2020

When UI isn't a function of state

Episode 84 // The EmberMap Podcast

Sam and Ryan discuss how transitions in a JavaScript app are typically not exhaustively coded as functions of state, and how that can make them difficult to build. They also talk about different ways to work with complex SVG assets in the browser, using CSS grid for page layouts, and the differences in the React and Ember ecosystems when it comes to small vs. large tools.

How to listen

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Show notes

Topics include:

  • 4:45 - Building out Mirage's new homepage. SVG positioning.
  • 15:42 - CSS Grid for layouts
  • 19:36 - Update on launching Mirage JS. Adding types to Mirage.
  • 24:09 - Learning about idempotence through React Spring. What to do when UI isn't a function of state.
  • 52:40 - Sharp tools vs. high-level APIs


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