September 19, 2019

The Weekend Warrior Adoption Hypothesis

Episode 74 // The EmberMap Podcast

Sam tells Ryan about his recipes side project built with React, GraphQL and Hasura. They chat about how small "magic moments" that developers experience lead to new technologies getting adopted at organizations, how to use Mirage with GraphQL, and why developer experience and user success can trump architectural correctness when it comes to making choices between technologies.

How to listen

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Show notes

Topics include:

  • 0:39 – The "Weekend Warrior" technology adoption hypothesis
  • 6:55 – Gatsby as a soft intro to GraphQL
  • 8:55 – Building a GraphQL backend with Hasura
  • 18:08 – GraphQL mutations
  • 21:47 – Mocking out GraphQL in Mirage
  • 45:03 – Gotchas when using backends as a service
  • 49:47 – DX and user success vs. "correct" technology choices


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