April 5, 2018

Steelman vs. strawman

Episode 15 // The EmberMap Podcast

Sam and Ryan talk about their new series, “Declarative rendering,” and why we should use steelman arguments instead of strawman arguments when talking about technology. They also answer some listener questions.

How to listen

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Show notes

Topics covered:

  • Declarative rendering, their new series
  • Steelman versus strawman arguments

Listener questions:

  • I care about lazy loading ember code, like routes. My knowledge is that’s its only possible with ember engines, but I’m not sure. Thanks a lot – @sommer_gerrit on Twitter
  • Podcast about ember-engines might be cool – @iflask on Twitter
  • My question: is it time to pitch PWA instead of native apps for clients wanting a presence on mobile (re: the new Safari release) – @real_ate on Twitter
  • Question for the show -> how might writing glimmer components be different in the coming months as we unlock that as first class (thru the eyes of a traditional ember 2 developer) – @toranb on #topic-embermap from Slack
  • Ember Data can get complicated in a hurry when not using a JSON:API standard API. What are some strategies to work with these kinds of APIs assuming the API cannot be changed? – @localpcguy on #topic-embermap from Slack

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