October 12, 2018

Scope down!

Episode 37 // The EmberMap Podcast

Sam and Ryan talk about lessons from Jason Fried's Q&A about scoping down product features, and how that applies to our open-source work. They also talk about inlining critical-path CSS with FastBoot.

How to listen

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Show notes

Topics include:

  • Inlining CSS with FastBoot (0:08)
  • Scoping down (14:26)
    • Jason Fried's Q&A at Laracon
    • Scoping down at work and in OSS
    • How to handle OSS contributors who add scope
    • How bugs indicate a larger-than-expected problem space
    • How to say no to new features you can't commit to supporting
    • Are there projects that can't be scoped down?
    • Using OSS checkpoints to avoid burnout


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