May 29, 2019

Katie Gengler on the tech and processes that power the Ember community

Episode 63 // The EmberMap Podcast

Katie Gengler joins Sam and Ryan to talk about the important work she's done for the Ember project, from her creation and maintenance of community tools like Ember Try and Ember Observer to her role on Ember's Steering Committee. She also talks about lessons learned from doing custom app development for her consulting clients.

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Show notes

Topics include:

  • 2:26 - Ember's 2019 Call for Blog Posts, and a retro on last year's call
  • 7:50 - Why Katie's looking forward to Embroider, Ember Data, and updates to the Router
  • 10:52 - What the process is for "finishing" Octane
  • 14:37 - Katie's experience on the Steering Committee
  • 18:02 - The infrastructure behind Ember Try and Ember Observer
  • 34:18 - Common anti-patterns in apps, like deeply nested components
  • 39:18 - Katie's preference for acceptance tests over unit tests in UI development
  • 42:50 - Katie's stack of choice for a brand new app
  • 44:58 - A look into Ember Observer's Code Search feature
  • 58:06 - How much test coverage there is across Ember's OSS Addons


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