April 17, 2019

Edward Faulkner on Embroider, Ember CLI's modern build system

Episode 58 // The EmberMap Podcast

Edward Faulkner joins Sam and Ryan to chat about his work on Embroider, a new three-stage architecture that will power the next generation of the Ember CLI ecosystem. They also talk about myriad other topics, including Yarn Plug'n'Play, the benefits of debugging other people's code, how Ember is embracing the larger JavaScript ecosystem, and more.

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Show notes

Topics include:

  • 0:00 – What's hard about programming, why schools are bad at teaching math, and more
  • 10:47 – Why computers should empower ordinary people, and how we can close the gap that exists between the technologically skilled and unskilled
  • 22:12 – How the experience level of the median JavaScript developer affects tech choices made by the community
  • 27:54 - The npm dependency graph and Yarn plug-n-play
  • 36:24 – How to avoid making too big of a leap when improving software
  • 41:58 – What Embroider is, and what problems it's focused on solving
  • 46:10 – The three stages of Embroider and the V2 Addon format
  • 1:00:15 – What Embroider enables, like tree-shaking unused Addon modules and route-level code splitting
  • 1:21:08 – How to try Embroider out in your projects today
  • 1:34:39 – How Ember is embracing the larger JavaScript ecosystem
  • 1:39:35 - Why debugging other people's code is a great way to level up as a developer
  • 1:48:28 - What Embroider's next steps are


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