April 12, 2018

Alex Matchneer on Routing Patterns

Episode 16 // The EmberMap Podcast

Alex Matchneer chats with Sam and Ryan about challenging routing patterns in Ember, his involvement with the Ember community, and what Ember’s next router might look like.

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Show notes

Topics covered:

  • Routing patterns from mobile apps that are difficult with Ember
  • Lessons learned from community involvement
  • The concept of timespans
  • Fighting community conventions
  • Server-driven state changes
  • Declarative routing

Alex also answers some listener questions:

  • When are you going to release a full album?
  • If you could improve one thing with Ember, what would it be and why?
  • Do you have strategies for teaching ember-concurrency to someone who doesn't know about generator functions? Do you try to teach those separately first?
  • What are some JavaScript patterns you don't see being used as often as you think they should?
  • What are some concepts/design patterns you wish all developers would know about and internalize?
  • How do non-ember-core members become more involved in ember-core? What are some ways to bridge the gap between basic contributions and the complicated RFC process? How do you drive community change from only addon code?

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