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Welcome to EmberMap

by Ryan Toronto

Today we launched EmberMap, and we're excited to share our first topic with you on Acceptance testing.

We started making videos because we wanted an efficient way to explain conventional Ember techniques to our own team. We're strong believers in the power of conventions, and think a team that's on board with the larger Ember community will be able to build products faster without accruing technical debt.

The Ember community regularly publishes a lot of content. For product teams looking to understand the essentials and keep their team up to date with larger changes in Ember patterns, it can be hard to know where where to look.

This is where EmberMap comes in. We're making high-quality, focused content that teams can use to onboard new developers, refine their process, and serve as a springboard for discussion on how to solve unique problems facing their own organization.

We started with a topic that covers Acceptance testing, based on today's best practices. This is important, because Ember is still a new framework, and still goes through change. The Acceptance Testing topic will be evergreen  --  if there's a change in Ember that affects any of the code or concepts we've discussed in that topic, we'll update the relevant parts and be sure to let you know. We think this will go a long way in giving teams an easy entry point for training new members, or even refreshing themselves on older topics, with the confidence that they're learning how to do things according to modern best practices.

We can't wait to hear what you think! We're going to be focused on making more content and improving the site, so be sure to send us any feedback at @samselikoff or @ryantotweets. Good luck, and happy learning!


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