October 3, 2018

Can small libraries be conventional?

Episode 36 // The EmberMap Podcast

Sam and Ryan chat about two new EmberMap series, Forms and Async testing, as well as Sam's keynote at EmberCamp and the best way to avoid product gaps in open-source software. They also answer some listener questions.

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Show notes

Topics include:

  • Forms (1:18)
  • Splitting forms into containers and presenters
  • Avoiding premature abstractions (7:03)
  • Which components do you carry from project to project?
  • Asynchronous testing (14:47)
  • Testing animations
  • Sam's keynote at EmberCamp on Product gaps (19:04)
  • Product gaps at companies vs. in OSS
  • Are small packages and convention over configuration at odds with each other?
  • Convention over configuration that decomposes well
  • The risk of bad high-level abstractions in OSS
  • How to "finish" an OSS project


  • What's the state of TypeScript support in Ember? (48:15)
  • When are observers actually appropriate to use? (54:57)
  • Any tips on refactoring async relationships? (59:34)

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